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El Bajo, Baja California

The Seamount is located 8.2 miles, 032º from Los Islotes and is sometimes called the \"Marisla Seamount\". There are three distinct underwater peaks arrayed along a three hundred yard line running 120º - 300º, the northernmost rising to within 83 feet of the surface. The central peak to within 52 feet and the southern to within 69 feet. The central peak, with it\'s shallow depths and relatively flat top, is the primary dive site and anchoring location. This is one of the premier dive sites in the world for schooling Hammerhead Sharks. As a seamount El Baja is home to an abundance of sea life, schools of Amber Jacks, Tuna,plus Giant Pacific Mantas, Octopus and the impressive Panamic Green Moray Eel. Orcas (killer whales), Tuna, Dorado (dolphin fish), as well as Sharks are also known to frequent this spectacular dive site.

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