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Roca Redonda, Galapagos Inseln

This monolith is located well away from the other islands. Rising out of the ocean surface with hundreds of shearwaters and petrels flying in the air around it is Roca Redonda. Schools of hundreds of barracudas are hardly bothered by the intrusion of divers. Huge schools of various tropical fish rival the most diverse Indo-Pacific reefs and the exquisite Harlequin Wrasse found here is a target species for every fish photographer. Roca Redonda also has good sea lion encounters. These playful creatures are often resting quietly on the surface waiting to tease ascending divers.

Bubbles of hydrogen sulfide percolating through the sandy bottom are evidence of the ongoing volcanic activity in these islands. Stacks of boulders covered with barnacles and orange sponges form a slope down to about 50 feet where the bottom levels out in volcanic rubble.

Schools of yellow tailed surgeonfish, Galapagos grunts, king angelfish and of course scalloped hammerheads are likely to be seen here.

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