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Raja 4 Divers
The dive centre is located in the main building at the start of the jetty, the wet / dry storage areas are conveniently located at the pier at the end of the jetty, where dive briefings are held and the dive boats are docked.

For maximum convenience, divers' personal diving gear is stored at the end of the jetty for the duration of the trip, and photographers are welcome to use the climate controlled Imaging Studio facilities for storage and set-up of their imaging gear. Nitrox is offered free of charge.
Dive Service
The 3 dive boats, Pef II, Pef III and Pef IV have quiet and fuel efficient twin Yamaha 50hp 4-stroke outboard motors, built-in shade protection, and have been custom fitted to maximum space and comfort, offering a maximum of eight divers per boat. Each dive boat is equipped with standard safety equipment - First Aid kit, First Aid Oxygen, tools, compass, GPS and 2-way radio, as well as dedicated padded camera crates, drinking water and towels on all trips.

A possibility of diving up to 4 dives per day (3 guided boat dives daily plus a night dive) plus dives on the beautiful house reef. The ratio is one dive guide to four divers with a maximum of eight divers per boat. The boat rides to dive sites take between 3 and 60 minutes (no fuel surcharges). EAN 32 (Nitrox) is offered free of charge.
Dive area
There is a great variety of dive sites in the immediate area surrounding Pulau Pef, from sites dripping with lush soft corals, to spectacular hard coral gardens, slopes, critter sites and mantas, not to mention one of Raja Ampat's most celebrated dive sites 'The Passage' - a winding river-like gap between Gam and Waigeo, which is close by.

Diving is tailored to suit a fair mix of weather conditions, logistics and guests’ wishes. In the general area surrounding Pulau Pef, it is possible to experience a myriad of dive sites and snorkelling locations, with a fascinating variety of habitats and experiences. During a typical week, it is possible to see varieties of schooling fish, pygmy seahorses, nudibranchs and small critters, wobbegong sharks, endemic Raja Ampat walking sharks, bump-head parrot fishes, turtles, giant trevally, barracuda, manta rays and just about every reef fish and critter in the book, set against a back-drop of the healthiest hard and soft corals that scientists have named ‘the Earth’s richest seascape’.

The water temperature is a constant 28°- 30°C / 82°-86°F and visibility varies between 15 and 30m / 50 and 100ft.
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