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This list provides a brief description of a selection of hotels and resorts, we offer in West Papua/Indonesia. For each hotel a price per night is quoted. This price usually includes accommodation in a double room, including diving. Prices are shown in AUD for comparison reason and guidance only and do not account for special offers, seasonal surcharges and additional fees.
For detailed pricing please check the hotel/resort description.
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Agusta Eco Resort  Agusta Island
The newly opened Agusta Eco Resort is located on Agusta Island in the heart of Raja Ampat. The resort lies in an untouched wilderness surrounded by turquoise seas and emerald green islands. Agusta Island is a deserted island and the resort is the only structure on the island, which guarantees you a vacation of complete relaxation, away from city noise and crowds.
Biodiversity Eco Resort  Sorong
Raja Ampat Biodiversity Resort is located on Gam Island in the Central part of Raja Ampat. The resort is a 30 minute boat ride away from the city of Waisai and about 3 hours from Sorong. The resort is situated on a white sandy beach, known locally as Pantai Yenanas, and right in the heart of Dampier Strait, only a few minutes away from the most famous dive sites of Raja Ampat. Guests can arrive at the resort daily by public ferry.
Kri Eco Resort  Kri Island
Kri Eco Resort is a simple dive resort located in the pristine surroundings of Kri Island in Raja Ampat. Kri Island is located about 2 hours by boat from Sorong.
Misool  Batbitim Island
Beautiful Misool is located in West Papua and is located in an exclusive location. With the speed boat from Sorong, the resort can be reached in about 5 hours.
Papua Explorers Dive Resort  Gam Island
Papua Explorers Dive Resort in Raja Ampat is located on the island of Gam, about 3 hours by speedboat from Sorong, and just a along the coast of the world renown Dampier Strait, only 10 to 15 minutes away from the most famous dive sites like Manta Point, Cape Kri and many more. The resort can be reached from Sorong twice per week, every Sunday and Wednesday.
Papua Paradise Eco Resort  Birie Island
Papua Paradise Resort is located in Raja Ampat, on the jungle-covered island of Birie. It is surrounded with pristine reefs, unspoiled flora and beautiful white sandy beaches. The main airport in the area is Sorong. Boat transfers to Birie Island take about 2 hours one way.
Raja 4 Divers  Pulau Pef
Raja 4 Divers is a very comfortable dive resort in the heart of the biodiversity center near Dampier Strait. Small, private focussed on serious nature lovers and photographers.
Raja Ampat Dive Lodge  Yenpapir Beach - Mansuar Island
This small dive resort is located on the island of Mansuar. It is under Indonesian management by Grand Komodo Tours. The dive resort is a convenient alternative to the diving cruises in Raja Ampat. The hotel can be reached in about 3 hours by boat from Sorong.
Sorido Bay Resort  Kri Island
Sorido Bay Resort on remote Kri Island in Raja Ampat is about 2 hours by boat from Sorong in West Papua. This small luxury resort with only 7 bungalows is set in one of the most spectacular diving regions in Indonesia.
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