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Valley of the Rays, Yap

Coral outcroppings rising from the sandy bottom of the channel serve as Manta cleaning stations. The Mantas hover over the coral heads & allow cleaner wrasse and other species of small reef fish to pick off parasites. The center of the Valley is dominated by a huge formation of lettuce coral called the Merry-Go-Round which is the largest of the Manta Cleaning Stations. On the north side of the channel (Maap Side), another smaller formation of lettuce coral serves as another cleaning station called the Carwash. About 20 Meters east of the Carwash is Manta Rock, a large coral pinnacle that rises to within 33 ft. (10 M) of the surface and is the third cleaning station located in the Valley of the Rays. This tall outcropping also offers divers shelter from the current when the tide is strong. Depth: 50-70 ft | 15-22 m Visibility: 30-80 ft | 9-25 m Current: 0-4 mph | 0-6 km/h

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