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Samakai Wall, Yap

A vertical wall that curves in & out. Current usually less than 1/2 knot makes this an easy drift dive. This portion of the reef has a steeper wall than most of the sites on east side of the Island. Sometimes done as a night dive if the seas are particularly calm. Big crevices running perpendicular to the reef are filled with many of the hardy, star and table corals. The wall is covered by a good variety of hard corals with occasional small soft corals mixed in. Look for a lot of small schooling reef fish at the top of the wall. Turtles frequently sleep in crevices along this section of the reef. Sharks, Barracuda and Morays are seen in the daytime. Lionfish, Stonefish and Lobsters at night. Depth: 20-100 ft | 6-30 m Visibility: 50-100+ ft | 15-30+ m Current: 0-1 mph | 0-2 km/h

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