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Darwins Arch, Wolf & Darwin

Darwin is the most northerly of the Galapagos. Here the Humboldt Current has little effect, so the water is warmer and there are more corals than you would otherwise expect. The skyline here is dominated by the majesty of Darwin’s Arch, a huge sea arch that rises high out of the water. On the south side of the arch is a large ledge that acts as a gallery for the action beyond. Again the scene is dominated by monstrous schools of hammerheads, mantas, eagle rays, golden cowrays and the like, but perhaps the main attraction is the whale sharks that are frequently seen cruising past. These sharks, the world’s largest fish, tend to use deepwater pinnacles as markers for the migratory journeys (see the section on Thailand also!) and it is not uncommon to see 4 or 5 on a dive. Some would say that this is perhaps the fishiest dive in the world!

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