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The Rock, Wolf & Darwin

The landscape is dominated by high cliffs and sea arches and the shoreline is rocky and unapproachable; sea lions relax on the water’s edge. On the south side of the island a landslide at some time in the past has created a boulder slope that runs into the sea and tumbles down to a sandy floor at about 150ft. Strong currents flow around the island and this attracts large schools of Galapagos sharks, hammerheads and silkies. It is not uncommon to see 300 or 400 hammerheads and 100 silkies or Galapagos sharks in a school. The shallower areas are dominated by vast schools of jacks, rainbow runner, barracuda, skipjack tuna and grunts. It is not uncomon to see dolphins here also. And of course the ubiquitous and inquisitive seals and sea lions! Because of the xposed nature of this site, and the strong currents it is definitely not a place for a novice!

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