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Family dive cruise
Land and water activities
Once in a while, the Pindito offers scheduled family cruises. These special cruises (start and finish in Bali), are for entire families to enjoy the amazing Komodo Islands.
During this special cruise kids can participate in “Discover Scuba”, instructor-lead diving and snorkeling venues. Meanwhile, parents can explore Komodo’s coral reefs or they can join the kids and instructors during these fun and mellow intro-dives.

Parents with children as young as 2 years old are welcome aboard the Pindito for this special kid-friendly cruise for toddlers, teenagers and parents!

The friendly Pindito crew offers plenty of ideas to make the family cruises exciting for grand and small guests. Snorkelling and “Discover Scuba” dives for kids who do not dive yet is available. Of course diving for already certified children is offered as well and these activities are only part of things to do.

On land activities such as a visit of a traditional shipyard, shell collecting on the beach, or a visit of an old, traditional fishing village and seeing the Komodo dragons or driving golf balls from the roof of the Pindito... the lad’s will keep it fun for everyone. Water skis and a wake boarding, are as well available, to keep the adrenaline going.

Participants will also be offered many opportunities for land excursions into Komodo National Park to see and photograph Komodo Dragons and other exotic island creatures.

Discover Scuba is available for Kids from the age of 7 and older and younger kids can snorkel with their parents or under the supervision of Pindito's dive staff. It is recommended that participants get a diving medical exam prior to the cruise.

What is “Discover Scuba”?
The Discover Scuba Diving program is conducted from a beach in shallow water (6-12 ft of depth). Before the event our guides will brief all children aboard the Pindito to make them familiar with safe diving techniques and to familiarise them with the basics of scuba equipment assembly and operation.

Certified children are welcome to dive together with their parents while accompanied by our instructors. The Pindito will always choose dive spots that are best suited for our younger guests; calm and colourful, placid and beautiful.
Children's rates apply for family cruises:
Children must be at least 2 years old. Children 2- 6 years old are free of charge but only if they share the cabin with parents (maximum a total of 3 persons per cabin).

Children's discount (6-16 years old) for family diving cruise: 80% discount for the child as long as the child shares the cabin with the parents (maximum of 3 persons in cabin).

Receive a 50% discount for the child if booking the child in a separate cabin (maximum of 2 persons per cabin).

Diving in the Komodo National park
What is a Komodo Dragon Anyway?
The famous Komodo Islands with their “Komodo Dragons” will be visited on every Family Dive Cruise. Komodo dragons are actually giant monitor lizards, the largest of all the lizards reaching a length of nearly 10 feet and weighing 150lbs! A guide from the National Park Service will lead this excursion keeping everybody safe and sound. They are experts in the local flora and fauna (water buffalos, birds, goannas, dragons, etc.) and they’ll share their knowledge during treks along island paths through the bush.

Komodo National Park was declared a World Natural Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1991. It lies in the region of the Sunda Islands (aka Nusa Tenggara). The National Park includes the three larger islands of Komodo, Rinca and Padar, as well as numerous smaller islands. The total area covers 1817 km2. Originally the Park was established as a protection zone for the Komodo goannas. Later the focus was changed to the conservation of the regions entire flora and fauna, on land as well as underwater.

The dive spots around Komodo offer unbelievable variety. One day you can admire rare macro creatures in the morning “critters” and in the afternoon drift along with giant mantas and schools of big-eye trevally jacks. There are patch reefs, bommies (pinnacles), sheer walls, and shallow coral gardens to be explored. There are more than 1000 fish species, 260 species of corals, 70 different sponge species, 17 species of whales and dolphins and at least 2 different kinds of sea turtles living in the waters of Komodo National Park. You will love it! For more details, check out Pindito's Komodo itinerary.
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