As part of the coral triangle, Indonesia boasts 10-15% of the world’s coral reefs, with amazing biodiversity and stunning fish life, offering real feasts for diving and underwater photography enthusiasts. Indonesia is a large country, and dive operators are still far and few. Chances are extremely high that you and fellow guests will be alone in the water wherever you dive. No crowds under water, and no other liveaboard in sight. At many spots, Tambora’s guests will remain the only divers for days, and sometimes weeks and even months.

Tambora's itineraries take you across the Indonesian archipelago, to the most varied selection of the country’s best dive sites:

- Raja Empat, Triton & Etna Bays, and Cenderawasih Bay in Papua, unmatched in biodiversity, coral life and surface scenery

- The Banda Sea and central Moluccas: Ambon, the Lease group, the Seram Laut group, and the Kei Islands, offering both big fish action and great critter sites

- The islands off Borneo - Sangalaki, Derawan, Maratua, Kakaban and more - and the Celebes Sea, with mantas, schooling barraccudas, turtles, sharks, and other big pelagics

- The Sulawesi coastline from Palu to Manado, with world famous Lembeh Strait and Bunaken National Park as well as many hidden and largely undived treasures

- World-famous Komodo National Park and its surrounding islands

Trips have been carefully chosen, planned and designed taking into account the experienced crew’s recommendation, seasonal and weather patterns, and a desire to offer guests great diversity, from wreck-diving adventures in the West all the way to the hidden islands and bays along the New Guinea coast in the East.
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