Raja 4 DiversPulau Pef

E H (USA) - Undercurrent December 2014
After a 3 hour boat ride from the miserable little town of Sorong you arrive at Pulau Pef (Island Pef) in West Papua greeted by a dancing singing musical staff. 6 huge handmade bungalows for guests with 4-poster beds with mosquito netting, homemade furniture, large sliding doors to the sea and private outdoor bathrooms with traditional bucket and scoop showers. And an iPad. Nary another boat or pleasure craft in sight. Everything is so well thought-out and spacious from the lovely dining area to the dive facilities. Hiking trails and kayaking around the island. Nitrox is free and encouraged. Long dives through stunning underwater topographies with over 500 species of coral in Raja Ampat. Huge schools of fish, as well as black and white tip sharks, crocodile fish, pigmy seahorses, unique nudibranchs, numerous varieties of damselfish plus too many other fish species to list. Diverse and vibrant. The manta cleaning station was a treat. The staff genuinely friendly and accommodating. The motto: arrive as a guest, feel like a king, leave as a friend. Raja4divers lives up to this motto. As we departed to more singing and dancing we left our friends behind as we cruised past basking whales and this pristine treasure.

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