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Steve´s Bommie, Ribbon Reefs

Entry from either the boat or tender drops you into 33m, only meters away from Steve´s Bommie, a coral pinnacle that is a real favorite with crew and passengers. Large groups put in sequentially, so they can drop to their planned depth and then spiral up. It is a great site for both introductory dive courses and experienced divers, with a huge selection of marine life-a classic oasis-in-the-desert site.
Plate corals, boulder corals,gorgonian fans, soft corals and golf ball corals are all over the place. Nudibranchs are regulary seen, especially below 10m. This is a site where the brochure-like statement, you´ll see circling pods of minke whales, barracuda, giant trevally, baitfish and snapper can be accurate. It is not common but happens at the right times, usually June to August.
Visibility is usually good, with large, concentrated fish schools and prolific small life. It is a great site for wide-angle or macrophotography and is a popular night dive.
Look for the five species of anemonefish, purple and gold anthias, fourlined snapper and yellowtail goatfish. Chevron barracuda, trevally and whitetip reef sharks regularly cruise by.

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