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Rowley Shoals, Rowley Shoals

Prepare to be inspired by three, spectacular, pristine coral atolls rising 400 metres from the ocean floor, on the very edge of the world’s widest continental shelf.
You’ll be able to dive on one of the ocean’s largest, untouched coral gardens, swim among giant clams, shellfish, Maori Wrasse and Giant Potato Cod and discover 233 species of exquisite coral and 688 fish species, many of which are colourful, exotic and unique to the area.
Amazingly, the underwater visibility is 20 to 60 metres and the water temperature is typically and irresistibly tropical.
The Rowley Shoals provides a unique opportunity to experience turquoise lagoons filled with extraordinary coral bommies, unbelievably colourful coral formations and canyons. You’ll also have a chance to enjoy high-speed drift, night dives, cave diving and snorkelling.
The Rowley Shoals are among the few reefs in the world affected by dramatic 5-metre tides which move massive volumes of seawater into and out of the coral framework, creating unearthly, enchanting coralscapes.

Rowley Shoals

Rowley Shoals

West Australien

Rowley Shoals
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