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Anchor Bommie, Lady Elliot

This rather interesting site can be reached by one of two ways - a short boat ride, or an underwater swim following a rope trail from the Coral Gardens. It is one of Lady Elliot Island\'s premium dive sites. The depth at the base is around 19 metres and at the top it is 14 metres. The coral head is an important Manta Ray cleaning station, therefore other marine life to be seen here include the very rare Purple Leafy Scorpion Fish and Cleaner Shrimp, both of which have permanent colonies. Another common site is a rather large Shovel Nosed Ray which can be approached by divers as it rests on the floor. The soft and hard corals covering the bommie are also home to the brightly coloured Feather stars, while nearby in the sand, a family of Garden Eels can be observed swaying in the current. Also of interest, and giving this site its name, are the two ancient Admiralty anchors that lie nearby. These anchors were lost by the Guano miners and have been resting on the bottom for some time,

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