Emperor Raja LautSorong, Komodo, Ambon

Raja Ampat (7 - 12 night trips: December to May)
Raja Ampat, which in Indonesian means the Four Kings, is a Marine Park world renowned for being the epicentre of marine biodiversity. The park covers a large area with approximately 170 nautical miles separating the northern and southern extremities. It would be possible to dive for weeks and weeks without seeing the same sites twice.

Raja Ampat can be divided into three sections covering the North, Central and Southern Sections. Spectacular scenery both above and below the water make this heritage area unique and a bucket list item for both divers and lovers of nature.
Emperor Raja Laut's 7 and 8 night cruises take in sites in the Central and Southern Sections of Raja Ampat. Highlights may include, but are not limited to:

Central Section - dives including:
- Gam: Mayhem, Dalam and Citrus Ridge
- Penemu: Barracuda Point, My Reef, Melisa's Garden and Galaxy
- Airborek: Airborek Jetty, Manta Sandy and Lolasi
- Cape Kri Area: Cape Kri, Chicken Reef, Sardine Reef, Blue Magic, Mioskon and Mike's Point

Southern Section - dives including:
- Daram Area: Candy Store, Wet Dream and Two Tree
- Wayilbatan Area: Wedding Cake, Barracuda, Dunia Kecil and Four Kings
- Fiabacet Area: Boo Windows, Tank Rock, Nudi Rock, Shadow Reef and Whale Rock
- Pele Area: Pele Playground, Netted Corner, Kaleidoscope and Tobblerone

The 9 to 12 night cruises take in sites in the North, Central and Southern Sections of Raja Ampat.
With the north section of Raja Ampat included in this extended itinerary additional highlights may include, but are not limited to:

Northern Section - dives including:
- Wayag: Pelagic Rock, Figure 8 Rock and the world-famous Wayag Lagoon
- Kawe: Eagle Rock and Black Rock
- Aljui Bay: Pearl Farm Jetty, White Wall, Teardrop and Waterlogged
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