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White Knights, Sharm el Sheikh

White Knights is located in a wide bay, just 1 km to the north of Shark Bay. There are usually several moorings for boats. The reef drops away to form a sandy ledge at around 12 m outside of which is a wall. At the centre of the bay is a deep sandy canyon with swim thru´s at 10 m and 35 m. One hundred meters to the north of this, between 8 m and 15 m, is an eel garden. Take your time in the canyon; there are plenty of caves and dark crevices to explore. Leave the canyon in the direction of the eel garden. As far as marine life. The sandy slopes are good territory for all kinds of triggerfish and the canyon often shelters large groupers. Year round the bay forms a trap for plankton and manta occasionally move in to graze the surface water.

Sharm el Sheikh

White Knights


Sharm el Sheikh
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