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Stingray Station, Nordtour

At the north western extremity of the Alternatives is a large irregular shaped reef known as Stingray Station. It is positioned close to deep water although immediately around it is a plateau of sand and coral outcrops at less than 15 m. Like the Alternatives, the conditions here are highly influenced by both weather and current. It is best to turn up first and check the visibility before making the decision to dive. Stingrays are most commonly seen here in the months of March and April. All year round, it is also the haunt of a number of leopard sharks. But forget the big stuff Stingray Station is best dived for the small stuff. Many different species of nudibranch roam the sea floor and the shallow water of the reef top. The best dive starts in the deeper water to the west of the reef then circles the reef occasionally venturing out onto the plateau. At the end of the dive take your time around 3 m where the reef is most colourful.

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