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Doorstep and Dories Wreck , East New Britain

I would have to say that I have one site that is just as good as the Jetty right on my very own doorstep. Yes, The Door Step (or house reef) is probably one of the best dives Ican offer guests. It might not look like much but once you´re under you´ll be suprised. I am. Just recently I found my own Frog fish right off the beach. Over the years that I´ve dived the Doorstep I have been surprised to find creatures that I have always wanted to see, and now I have my own collection where I live. Just some of the things I´ve found here: numerous types of pipe fish including the Harliquin Ghost pipefish, scorpion fish, live shells, nudibranches, seahorses, seamoths, sea robins, snake eels and gobiis. All these creatures live amongst the corals and little coral bombies that scatter the sandy flat between the two reefs.

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