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Dinah Beach, Milne Bay

This dive site you could spend a number of days doing, this location actually has two separate dives, straight off the boat, no deeper than 25 ft of water you have an incredible collection of cleaning stations, divers are able to get their teeth cleaned if they wish. The site has a variety of octopuses and on occasions, the Mimic has appeared. Other critters on this site are: Blue Ribbon Eels, Cuttle fish, Lion fish, A huge variety of Nudibranchs, Manta Shrimps, Mandarin fish, Frog fish, Sea horses, Ghost pipe fish, Cockatoo wasp fish, and the list goes on and on. Dive B: ( From the same location ) Wide angle photographers can swim amongst a large variety of large sea fans which grow 30 ft below the surface, under the jungle canopy. This site is often visited by Hammerhead Sharks and Whale sharks. Here also, guests have the opportunity for walks into the village, skull caves or even a jungle walk to a beautiful waterfall.

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