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Castles, Osprey Reef

Situated along the Western Wall Between Admiralty and North Horn this dive has an unusual profile as it consists of a large numbers of gullies and trenches weaving between the Turrets and Towers of the reef. The shallow lagoon area gradually descends to 30 metres where it meets the edge of the 1000 metre wall. It is known for a combination of interesting terrain and diverse marine life. The area is abundant with caves both large and small and home to an amazing overhang filled with gorgonian fans.

you can see:

• Soldier Fish
• Giant Queensland Grouper
• Clown Trigger Fish
• Garden Eels
• Painted Crayfish
• White Tip Reef Sharks
• Moray Eels
• Blennies and Gobies
• Scribbled Puffer Fish

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