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Around The Bend , Osprey Reef

This dive has it all. Normally a drift dive it starts on a 1000 metre wall enabling you to drift \\\\´around the bend\\\\´ and back to the mooring line. For the experienced diver there is a isolated bommie at 32 metres off the wall which is a manta ray cleaning station and attracts some big fish life. Towards the end of the dive you can explore the shallow grotto near the mooring line, a trench which is carved into the reef, making it a fantastic place for the safety stop and to find a myriad of little critters.

you can see:

• Hammerheads
• Dog Tooth Tuna
• Manta Rays
• Silver Tips
• Grey Reef Sharks
• Gorgonian Fans
• White Tip Reef Sharks
• Soft Corals

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