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Admiralty, Osprey Reef

Situated at the Southern End of Osprey Reef’s lagoon entrance, Admiralty is a popular afternoon and night diving spot. There is a reef maze amongst which a large variety of marine life make their home. From around thirty metres the reef drops off to depth in excess of a thousand metres. The area has many large caves and swim-throughs and an amazing series of sand bottom gullies leading up into the shallow lagoon area. Admiralty is so-named as it is the resting place of an old marine anchor, which can be seen in one of the many swim-throughs.

you can see:

• Grey Reef Sharks
• Black Trevally
• White Tip Reef Sharks
• Silver Tips
• Octopus
• Garden Eels
• White Mouth Moray Eels
• Gobies and Blennies
• Manta Rays
• Lion Fish

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