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Far Northern Reefs , Barriere Riff und Coral Sea

The Far Northern section is consisting of approximately 600 reefs and lagoons. There is fantastic diving at the outer edges of the continental shelf. There are no regular trips scheduled to this region, as it is very remote (about 930 km north of Cairns. Some liveaboard may offer one or two excursions at these reefs every couple of years. Dive sites like Wreck Bay, Great Detached Reef, Tijou Reef and Blight Entrance are offering mind-blowing diving experiences. These reefs are never short of Pelagic action and are well known for manta rays and green turtles. The topography of the reefs make every dive interesting. Sheer walls and strong currents are the receipt for adrenalin diving, this is definitely diving for advanced divers. Weather allow only a small window to visit this area. Usually from late October to January.

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