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Yongala wreck, Barriere Riff und Coral Sea

The SS Yongala (1903 - 1911) is a 110 m long passenger steamer. She sank in a cyclone southeast of Townsville in 1911. It was only in 1958 that the wreck was discovered. Today it is protected as national heritage. No wreck penetration is allowed at the Yongala. This dive is not for beginners, the currents can get strong here and the surface is sometimes very choppy. You should be an advanced and experienced diver to dive the Yongala. If it is too rough, dives at the Yongala will be cancelled. The Yongala is lying on the sandy sea bed (18m and 30m), most of the structure still remains, and the hull is virtually intact. The Yongala is like a living reef. The coral growth and marine life on this wreck are incredible: Tuna, trevally, spotted eagle rays, giant groupers and huge black rays are hovering over the wreck. Close to the bottom you see cobia (Black Kingfish) which look almost like sharks. Maori wrasse, barramundi, cods, turtles and many sea snakes make the Yongala their home.

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