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Ngedebus Wall, Peleliu

Ngemelis Wall lies on the western side of the main entrance to German Channel. A shallow coral ledge (so shallow it is exposed at low ride!) juts out from Ngemelis Island, at places only a few feet, in other a few hundred. In fact where the reef edge is close enough to the island it is possible to look up and see trees overhanging the water surface. This ledge then abruptly drops down, sheer, for about 1000ft. The surface of this coral rampart is covered with the most bewildering array of twirling tube sponges, fan corals, soft corals of every hue, barrel sponges, jutting plate corals and, like an old man’s beard, twisting corkscrew-like whip corals. Through this magic fairy garden swirl schools of pyramid butterfly fish, Moorish idols and anthias, chromis, angelfish and parrotfish. Closer inspection of the reef will allow you to discover wonderful anemones with resident clownfish, harlequin crabs and shrimps, long-nosed hawkfish on seafans, nudibranchs and flatworms, zigzag clams and brittle stars. Closer inspection still will afford you the opportunity to discover blennies hiding in their miniature coral caves, squat lobsters nestled in the Velcro-like arms of a featherstar and fire gobies gaurding their little patch of reef against all & sundry. This dive site is indeed a miracle of creation – the colours, textures & forms that can be seen on Ngemelis Wall are as good as anywhere!

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