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Saies Tunnel, Peleliu

Saies Tunnel is one of Palau’s most spectacular dives - a gaping mouth like hole in the side of the reef opens into a huge cavern with a sand covered floor. Often sleeping whitetips can be seen relaxing at the back of the cavern. The roof and walls of the cavern are covered in a variety of cup corals, stylasters and hydroids. Numerous invertebrates can be observed on close inspection. Once you have entered the main cavern and swum into the interior you can turn to the left and find a smaller exit hole on the opposite side of the reef; a small \"window\" can be seen half way along the tunnel. Both entrance and exit holes are \"softened\" by a huge variety of seafans and soft corals. For photographers they make for excellent opportunities – divers swimming on the seaward side silhouetted against the open ocean, framed by a wreath of fan corals on all four sides. The bottom of Saies Tunnel is deep – about 130ft – so time spent in the interior is short, but upon exiting there are rewarding opportunities along the reef itself – wonderful hard corals, sea fans and schooling fish.

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