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California Dreaming, Lembeh Strasse

This site was originally discovered with a couple of guests from California.

They were so taken with everything they found, they proclaimed that it reminded them or their beautiful home state. This is truly a stunning site, and is a seamount out from the island of Pulau Putus. Twin peaks with a sand flat in between, the shallows are good for giant frogfish and tiny boxer crabs. The coral slopes down on either side, but the most exposed section is a series of steps formed by boulders and sand shelves which descend into the depths, covered with a kaleidoscope of soft corals making for Lembeh´s most colourful dive. Passing mackerel and tuna are the larger fare, but like most of Lembeh, the critters are the main draw, though at this site the scenery overwhelms the occupants.

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