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Lembeh Resort House Reef, Lembeh Strasse

"House Reefs" are traditionally located in front of the resort. The house reef is a shore dive which can be dived any time. A sand & sea grass bed in the shallows at 2–7 metres leads on to a slope from 8–15 metres depth. Maximum depth is 25 metres. The substrate is mostly sand with colonies of corals and rubble areas at 7-8m. At 15 metres there are “reef balls” – artificial reefs – which attract additional life. The house reef can be easily self-guided by means of a buoy system, which starts from 2 metres, continues down to 15 metres and brings you right back to shore.

The house reef boasts 31 genera and 150 species of healthy hard corals, including brain corals, foliose or lettuce corals and branching corals, some of which are rare and exceptional in size. Some colonies of branching coral (acropora and anacropora genera) provide shelter for a large population of mandarin fish (Synchiropus splendidus). Some molluscs and other invertebrates are more active at night (“nocturnal”) and can be found in the sandy areas of the house reef, making it an excellent night dive. There is usually not much current here, although at the beginning of a full moon or after the tides change, it can be strong.

Many critters and fish can be found on the house reef, including Pinnate Batfish, Broadclub Cuttlefish, Ambonian Shrimp, Bubble Coral Shrimp, Ornate Ghost Pipefish and many more.

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