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Nudi Falls, Lembeh Strasse

Nudi Falls is named after the fact that the bubbles from divers sometimes cause nudibranchs to fall of the wall above. One of the three most-dived sites (along with Nudi Retreat & Hairball), a beautiful sheer wall with a rock pile below, then a sand slope, leveling out into the main channel of rubble sprouting a forest of large soft corals. Scenically this site is unlike any other in the Strait. Many attractions here: possible Rhinopias and harlequin shrimp sightings in the channel, robust ghost pipefish, wonderpus and other muck critters on the sand slope, frogfish, pygmy seahorses, etc… near or on the wall and of course nudibranchs. This is usually the most nudibranch-rich site in the Strait. Along with Jahir, it is the most popular night-diving site (very colourful).

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