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Ras Nasrani, Strasse von Tiran

Lies about 12 km to the north of Sharm el Sheikh, and is an easy dive for divers of all levels. The reef flat is cut away in a series of shallow bays at around 6 m. Outside, the reef drops away in a wall of buttresses and sandy gullies to a depth of about 60 m. The best diving here is done shallow, amongst the coral heads outside of the bays and in the caves and shallow swim-thru´s between them. Giant morays and bluespotted stingrays inhabit this area. At night the reef comes to life with crabs, spanish dancers and on the sand cone shells and calamari. The shape of the reef dictates that inside of the headland currents run towards the north, if at all. The headland catches strong current, which brings in pelagic fish, such as jacks and tuna and more rarely manta and even whale shark have been seen here.

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