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Gordon Reef, Strasse von Tiran

The Gordon Reef is the most southerly of the four reefs of Tiran. At its northern end is a wreck, the Loullia a panamanian freighter built in Sweden, high and dry on the reef top. At its southern end is a vast plateau between 10 m and 25 m. This plateau is protected from waves and is therefore where most of the boats from Sharm moor up. The southern plateau is where most diving takes place. On its eastern side is a drop off at 20 m, this makes a good dive in itself. There are some big gorgonians and plentiful reef fish and schooling bannerfish. In the centre of the reef is a sand filled depression, known as The Shark-pool This is the only comfortable area of flat sand on the entire plateau, so often white tips can be seen sleeping here in the early morning. It can be found by following a bearing of approximately 220 degrees from the moorings on the south east corner of the reef. The south plateau is usually exposed to strong currents, so any dive should be planned with this in mind. It is also very easy to get lost so take care. As far as big fish go, hammerheads frequent the blue water beyond the plateau and eagle rays make an occasional appearance. When the current is running north, on a rising tide, a fast drift can be made up the eastern slope of Gordon. Drop in just north of the moorings and put your left shoulder to the reef, taking care not to be swept off the reef as you turn corner. If the current is running south, on a falling tide, it is better to dive the western slopes of the reef. Drop in at the wreck and put your left shoulder to the reef. The dive is best done shallow, with an eye out for white tip sharks.

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