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Kormoran (Zingara), Strasse von Tiran

The Kormoran ran aground in full speed at the outer northern reef edge of Tiran Island, in August 1984. The impact with the reef was so intense that every joint between the metal plates broke and her bottom was completely ripped out. Between the stern and the bow section the entire wreck lies in pieces across the reef. She lost almost the entire bow. The stern, propeller, rudder, winches and engine are still very well preserved. On the port side her name Kormoran is still clearly visible. As a part of the stern breaks the surface, the wreck is easy to locate. An easy wreck to dive as she lies between O m and 12 m and suitable for experienced and open water divers. Due to her location, the Kormoran is only accessible in calm seas and preferably in the afternoon when the tide changes. Perfect for a shallow last dive of the day. A very interesting aspect of this dive is the large concentration of hard corals with a dominant apple green colour and in a very pristine condition.

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