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Ras Gamila, Naama Bay

Ras Gamila, the house reef of the Baron Resort, begins at the south of Ras Nasrani and ends at the lighthouse, entry to the Tiran Strait. This reef fascinates all divers, beginners and experts alike, for its abundance of marine life. There are schools of yellowfin goatfish, baracudas, feathertail and honeycomb rays, as well as the ever present house turtle to be observed at every dive. Some mantas can be seen, especially during the summer months. And with some luck you may encounter a whale shark. Due to the water current condition of the Tiran Strait very spectacular hard coral formations have evolved. The reef falls off gradually from shallow water to a depth of about 10 – 15 meters sandy bottom (ideal for beginners) to a maximum depth of 30 - 40 meters.

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