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Paradise, Naama Bay

Paradise is definitely one of the most impressive dive sites along the east coast and lies in front of the Royal Paradise Hotel. It is one of the top places between the Tower and Ras Umm Sid. Diving Paradise means literately drifting through a magical, fairytail like uw scenery. Gliding between coral blocks, pinnacles and coral needles that rise on the slope between the reef ledge and the drop off. These coral sculptures are overgrown with colourful soft corals and gorgonian fans. Distinguishing for this site are the large colonies of table corals and the variety of fish species inhabiting the area. In the deep blue cruising along the slope, that drops down to 50 m, you may see big fish like trevallies and tuna, and if you are lucky a turtle and even a manta ray. Moreover, do not miss to explore in the shallow areas the many caves and overhangs, with an overwhelming population of glassfish. An adventure for itself! A paradise: especially for uw-photographers.

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