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Sodfa, Naama Bay

With just ten minutes away from Na´ama Bay jetty, heading south, Sodfa is a great alternative to the Gardens for a nice and relaxing afternoon dive. Sodfa has a large sandy slope at a depth of 15 m, between the reef ledge and the drop-off at 25 m. The sandy areas are partially covered with various coral colonies, which some, agregated like coral towers, are home for thousands of glassfish. The magnificent gorgonians, at the edge of the plateau/drop off are worth to be seen. Diving in Sodfa you can observe almost everything the Red Sea has to offer. Fantastic, colourful corals, countless species of reef fish and a multitude of small reef inhabitants. Although it can be dived alone, Sodfa is usually either the start or end of the more famous dive site known as Tower, depending on current direction.

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