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Far Garden, Naama Bay

Lies about 1 km to the north of Na´ama Bay. It is the most seaward of the gardens and is therefore, a more colourful reef and more frequently visited by pelagics. The reef is a sandy slope dotted with coral outcrops down to a depth of 25 m where it drops off to a steep wall. At the top of the slope is a series of pinnacles, some of which reach the surface. The best dive follows the drop off at around 25 m towards the headland, returning via the glassfish caves and along the inside of the pinnacles. The shape of the reef dictates that any current runs towards the northeast. Therefore, take care not to be swept away from your boat at the moorings. The headland at Far Garden catches a lot of current and makes a great drift dive in either direction. There is also a fine deep dive at the cathedral overhang at the headland. This must be done as a drift, since it is too far from the moorings to reach comfortably.

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