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Tower, Naama Bay

The Tower is situated 15 minutes to the south of Na´ama Bay. Tower is an excellent wall dive for divers of any level. It is named after the fossil coral tower rising above the south side of the bay. There is a central canyon, with steep cliffs on either side. On the outside of the bay, to the north is a sandy slope with a drop off at 25 m. There is a mooring at 30 m on the prominent shoulder on the north side of the bay. The best dive starts here. Follow the drop off northwards at about 30 m past a series of colourful coral pinnacles, returning via the shallow reefs. Take time at the end, of the dive to investigate the shallow caves at the back of the bay. One has an exit hole onto the reef top. Another at the front of the bay has a population of glassfish. Tower makes a marvellous night dive. This site has a wide variety of fish life. On the sand slope are parrotfish, boxfish, pufferfish and butterflyfish. In the caves and crevices of the wall are lionfish, hatchetfish, various crustaceans and the very interesting flashlightfish (photoblepharon). In the blue are usually large schools of fusiliers and their attendant predators - snapper, jacks, barracuda etc...

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