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Red Tooth Trigger Bay, Dahab

Entrance from the shore is easy in most weather, it starts off as stone and after a short distance moves onto a sandy slope. Descend and you will instantly find The Garden, as the local Bedouin call this site. Although it is only over a small area this dive is perfect as corals spread from as deep as 50 m right up to 3 m. Descend over the gradual sandy slope and divers will find that they are surrounded instantaneously by huge schools of banner fish and red tooth triggers which is where the dive site got its name. Corals are found in small pinnacles with both soft and hard corals in pristine conditions. Swim over the table corals which are home to scorpion fish, anemone fish, anthias, puffers and many more. For the micro divers in us nudibranches are often seen here including the spanish dancer, while turtles and eagle rays have also been spotted.

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