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Shoe Stump, Dahab

Shoe Stump is located just north of Dahab, the first dive site after the northern checkpoint. Named shoe stump because a long time ago to make it easier for the dive guides to located the entrance point, there was an old shoe nailed to a wooden stump. This has long ago been removed so only the experienced Dahab dive guides know where is the exact location. The Bedouins call this site bachhacha which means in Arabic spray water, as you can guess by the name this site can only be dived in good conditions. In high winds the site is exposed to very choppy waves. The entry is the best part, descend through a hole in the reef table and dive down through a little 7 meter long tunnel, exit at approximately 6 meters on the outer reef. Watch out for lionfish, which inhabit this area. Divers who are not really confident in narrow spaces should avoid this dive. Turn left and descend further to approximately 20 meters and dive over the reef which is covered with amazing table corals, giving shelter to copious fish species. Here you can find anthias, parrotfish, yellow tailed barracudas, black spotted sweetlips as well as giant napoleons, which are often sighted. Once you reach 100 bar of air ascend to 10 meters and turn back and follow the same path to the entry point. Complete your safety stop right in front of the exit, as this is the nicest section of the reef. You may want to extend your safety stop if you have enough air to at least 10 minutes and spend your time looking around at the magnificent marine life. This dive is perfect for a second or third dive of the day as the best corals are located at approximately 5 meters.

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