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Lion Fish Rock, Dahab

Lion Fish Rock is located in the south of Dahab. It is the first dive site in the Southern Oasis and can only be dived in calm conditions. Entry is over a slope of small stones, this dive site is very unique and can be compared to none in Dahab. Descend and cross a large sea grass area, which has small pinnacles, scattered across the clearing. Swim slowly around the blocks and be amazed at the amount of marine life, here you can find masses of red tooth triggers, cleaning shrimps, morays, nudibranches and as the name suggests plenty of lion fish. Descend a little further at you will reach a beautiful coral block at 5 meters. Circling the area you will drift through anthias, anemonfish and giant morays. At 18 meters go to the right and you will come to a group of blocks the lion fish rock as you can guess you will find numerous lion fish floating around the blocks. Perfect for the photographer. Turn back and ascend to the 5-meter block where you can complete your safety stop while watching the glassfish, flatworms and if you are lucky you can see turtles or the occasional eagle ray. Lion fish rock it is a perfect for the people who appreciate the smaller things in life.

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