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Rick´s Reef, Dahab

Ricks reef is located just north of the Canyon. Enter into a small opening in the reef table and descend along a beautiful slope filled with salad corals. At 18 meters swim over numerous table corals and let the current drift you along towards the Canyon. Along the wall you will find a number of pinnacles that populate the area filled with anthias, coral groupers, puffer fish, moray eels and parrotfish. Keep one eye left out to the blue and you will occasionally see turtles and napoleon wrasse joining you for the dive. After approximately 40 minutes the Fish Bowl of the Canyon will come into view. It is an amazing site seeing the crack of the Canyon appear and gives you a different view of one of the most famous dive sites in Dahab. Finish the dive with a short swim through the coral garden and exit the dive through a sandy lagoon, which is marked by a couple of coral pinnacles.

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