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Coral Garden, Dahab

Right next to the Canyon lays a beautiful coral garden. Both the Canyon and Coral Garden have the same entry and exit point. The dive starts and ends in a large blue lagoon with white sand on the bottom and cornet fish patrolling the area. Just outside of the lagoon a spectacular pinnacle, the first of the two Angels, catches the eye. Lots of anthias, glassfish, unicorn fish and for the careful observer crocodile fish are spotted on a regular basis. From here the dive continues to the deeper areas of Coral Garden. With a splendorous coral wall on your right side, the open blue to your left side and an unseen bottom below you, one feels like being in outer space. The deep part ends by ascending The Waterfall to the shallow coral garden. Beautifully coloured coral blocks and a variety of fish species are a real treat for enthusiastic underwater photographers. An eventful and diverse dive.

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