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Shaira, Dahab

It lies to the south of caves beyond the reaches of the road, which makes this site superb. The name itself is used by the Bedouin to recognize a large area of coastline which encompasses several dives. Shaira as we know it is a coral covered plateau which drops to a small wall starting at 17 m. A canyon runs parallel to the shore starting at 38 m and dropping to 55 m, only accessible yet perfect for technical divers, it is a narrow winding crack filled on all sides by amazing coral formations. In the shallows mountain corals rise up between 10 and 5 m creating a maze of hard and soft corals. Drift towards the Coral Forest and look to your left and you will see a satellite reef covered in pristine corals, a large school of yellowtail barracudas are often seen here and if you are lucky feathertail or bluespotted stingrays have also been spotted.

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