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The Bells, Dahab

The Bells is formed where a deep groove cuts into the reef top just north of the Blue Hole at Dahab. Being so close to the Blue Hole it is often overlooked, in favour of its big brother. However for the less macho diver it makes a beautIful dive at around 20 m. The groove of The Bells breaches the reef table. A clear blue pool is formed. You descend through a chimney, exiting at 27 m on a ledge that opens to the cobalt sea. The open water here is some of the clearest, deepest blue you will see. The drop-off is completely vertical, and the underwater landscape is breathtaking. Drift along the wall where attractive cavelets and overhangs with a rich growth of black coral enhance the drop off. There are many anemones along this wall. Look left into the blue and you may catch sight of a turtle or reef shark. There are many anemones along this wall. The resident clownfish are more laid back than their Sharm counterparts. At night this reef comes to life. Like many others in Dahab, it is home to spanish dancers, a species of large red nudibranch, which are beautiful to watch in motion. By staying shallow towards the end of the dive you can enter The Blue Hole at around 5 m and exit the water there.

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