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Abu Talha, Dahab

This northerly site is accessed by jeep from Dahab, a journey that takes approximately 17 minutes. Abu Talha is a little secret in Dahab, it can only be comfortably dived in calm weather and at high tide, which leads to it being dived much less than other sites making the corals in pristine condition. Entry is slippery on a sandy bottom and fins must be donned before the edge of the reef table as there are many holes of various depths. Swimming on the surface over a small sandy lagoon. It is advisable that divers do not descend until over the shallow saddle unless perfect neutral buoyancy can be achieved in shallow water. Once out of the reef table the diver will find the most beautiful coral garden of all the local Dahab sites. Shafted like an amphitheater the hard coral drops to 50 m and in the center and to the left at 25 m a sink hole can be found. Deeper holes also exist, this being located at the far end of the little canyon, starting at Abu Helal making this site also perfect for technical divers. Turning to the left the coral becomes more scattered with sandy patches and table corals. Here a school of red tooth triggers can be found as well as rays and nudibranches. Returning to the exit between 10 and 15 m swim along the reef wall and watch the hard and soft corals while a turtle and small schools of Yellow Tail Barracuda can be found often.

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