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Hanging gardens, Kimbe Bay

Hanging Gardens is a dive site situated along a sheer vertical wall starting from just below the surface and descending to a depth of about ninety feet where the wall meets a sand and rubble bottom. Along the wall are numerous ledges and overhangs, as well as several large cuts back into the cliff. The site is named for the many tangles of rope sponge hanging down along the face of the cliff, some up to ten feet in length and with crinoids clinging to them. In the shaded areas beneath overhangs and within the cuts are prolific encrusting communities dominated by sponges and sea squirts. These encrusting communities are excellent habitats to search for many small macro subjects like nudibranchs, feather duster worms, and living shells. Hanging Garden is also an excellent choice for a night dive when many of the nocturnal animals that hide in the caves and crevices come out to forage.

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