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Vanessas Reef, Kimbe Bay

Vanessa’s Reef is a submerged shoulder that extends westward off a much larger reef at a depth of fifty to sixty feet. Its primary attractions are a multitude of large dark red gorgonian sea fans, and farther out on the shoulder, a sponge garden. Many of the sea fans are eight to ten feet across, or more, and make picturesque backdrops for diver shots. The fans are also a good place to look for hawk fish, commensal shrimp, and other macro subjects. The sponge garden includes many bright orange sponge mounds. Many of the sponges have heaps of crinoids clinging to them, affording the crinoids and elevated position from which to feed in the current. Near the end of the sponge zone, in sixty feet of water, is the boat mooring, beyond which there is a sparser mixture of sponges and sea fans. On both sides of the shoulder the reef slopes downward to a sandy bottom. To the north there are additional ridges and ravines, and more sea fans

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