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Inglis shoals, Kimbe Bay

Inglis Shoals is another of Kimbe Bay’s sea mount type of dive site. The isolated reef rises from considerable depths to forty-five feet below the surface. As with Bradford Shoals the basic reef structure is primarily composed of flat plates and mounds of non-staghorn corals. In addition there are also large stands of a grayish soft coral, probably Nephthya, and numerous sea anemones, several of them with brilliantly colored columns. The different sea anemones are inhabited by at least three species of anemone fish- Clarks, Pink, and Spine-cheek. From the bare patch at its crest, the reef slopes downward on all sides to a lip at about eighty to ninety feet, after which it falls away in sheer vertical walls. Like Bradford Shoals, the main appeal of Inglis Shoals is fish action in the waters above the reef. Schools of barracuda, batfish, trevally, fusiliers, or unicorn fish are there on virtually every dive. Grey reef sharks and hammerheads show up with regularity. Also numerous cleaning stations and moray eels.

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