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Joels, Kimbe Bay

Joel’s – Around the mooring is 16m below the surface and it gets to 25 – 30m before you reach a vertical drop off, except the southern side of the reef.
The south side reaches a depth of 40m +. Things to look out for when diving Joel’s start from the mooring.
There is a large area covered with ( CORALLIMORPHARIAM ) – BE CAREFUL NOT TO TOUCH!
Those of you who love to see big fish, most of the time you can see schools of Barracuda, Big Eye Trevalley, pinfaro, dog tooth tuna and surgeonfish. And for those shark lovers, you can also catch a glimpse of either Gray Reef Sharks or White Tip Sharks. Joel’s is very nice with such pelagic fish, when there is a nice current, you can see fantastic fish action. Around the mooring you can also find three types of anemone fish, Pink, Clarks , Spine-cheek.

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