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North Emma, Kimbe Bay

North Emma Reef has as its main feature a deep bommie attached to the main reef by an even deeper saddle. The bommie is covered with gorgonian sea fans whose white feeding polyps contrast with their red skeletal structure. Beneath the sea fans is an under story of leather coral. There are also a few colonies of burning bush soft coral. Because one can remain on the deep bommie only briefly, making a shallow circumnavigation of the main reef is a pleasant way to finish the tank of air and gain an extra measure of decompression. The east side of the reef is an almost sheer wall along which sea anemones occupied by pink anemone fish occur at almost regular intervals in the ten to thirty foot depth range. The south end of the reef has a more gradual hard coral slope with typical reef fish and an occasional passing school of barracuda. Returning along the west side wall, look for the large sea anemone with orange anemone fish, one of the less common species of Kimbe Bay.

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